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Energy Management
Apr 03,2017 at 09:04:AM



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We make campus building systems run efficiently and on schedules that meet occupants' needs. From installing automated controls in new and existing buildings to maintaining, troubleshooting and replacing existing equipment, most of what we do is behind the scenes yet our results are very tangible.

Our primary groups that create this magic within campus buildings are:

  • Energy Management Operations Center (24 Hour Office) - This "command center" monitors and schedules the heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and building access control systems in campus buildings and provides after hour maintenance dispatch for Physical Plant and FIXit.

  • Orange Automation - Manages new installations of automated heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and access (security) control systems for both new and existing buildings.




Temperature Control 

Routine maintenance/service:

Contact the Physical Plant 

After hours maintenance emergencies:

  • Academic and administrative buildings

  • FIXit Zone (Residence halls, SU Food Services)

For more information about campus building and facilities maintenance, visit the SU Physical Plant website.

Advance schedule changes for heating/cooling
ESSM Advance Scheduling Online Form

Building Access 

After hours issues:

  • Department of Public Safety

Advance schedule changes:

  • Contact your building coordinator

Energy Management

Glenn Korec
Associate Director - Energy Management Systems and Operations

Tanya DiPietro
Energy Management 24 Hour Office Manager



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